Bicobreaks is a space to be up to date on 
hot topics of the personal care industry
in only 17 minutes.
Thursday 23th May 2022
11:00h - 11:20h CEST
Bicobreaks is organized by Bicosome Company.
17th June 2021
10:00h (CEST)
Shine right!
 How to regulate sebum production in oily skin types.
30th June 2021
10:00h (CEST)
Skin Superfoods: Unlocking the power of microalgae   for personal care
14th July 2021
10:00h (CEST)
Skin Delivery Systems:  What do they add from     the efficacy standpoint?

Hair lipid structure: the best-kept secret for a healthy hair.

19th May 2021 
10:00h (CEST)
Microbiome & skin barrier function: how they intersect?
2nd June 2021 
10:00h (CEST)
5th May 2021 
10:00h (CEST)
Exploring the alterations in sensitive skin. Can cosmetics actually help?

24th March  2021 
10:00h (CET)
From whitening to evening skin tone: a paradigm change.

Biological sun protection: a step further in your sunscreen strategy.

21st April 2021 
10:00h (CET)
How does pollution induce damages to the skin & hair?  What to do to counteract them?

7th April 2021 
10:00h (CET)
24th February  2021 
10:00h (CET)
Aging is inevitable, well aging is up to you!

10th February 2021 
10:00h (CET)
Is blue light just a marketing claim?
10th March 2021 
10:00h (CET)
Can silent inflammation accelerate aging?

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